Fillout our application, Select a facility after selecting your state. If we do not have a club near you please select "no club". Finally, upload a copy of your DD214 in PDF format with your social security number blacked out.

If you are applying to a partnered facility our turnaround time is about 1 month. If we do not have a club in your area you will be placed in our waiting list for out of network clubs which can be a wait of 2-4 months depending on our waiting list.

You can help Lift For The 22 achieve our mission by donating monthly, purchasing apparel, conducting your own local fundraising event, soliciting for donations in your hometown from businesses, or helping us partner with a local gym.

Our organization aims to be an 85/15 nonprofit. Meaning 85% of our fund-raised dollars end up back into services for veterans and 15% gets retained for operational costs we incur to conduct events, pay for web-hosting, and fund marketing materials.

At Lift For The 22 we believe that a healthy body creates a healthy mind. As our network continues to grow and veterans around the nation adopt our program, we will be able to form fitness support networks of veterans helping one another transition in gyms across the country.